Welcome to the Verein Schneiderei!

Dear friend

Thanks for your interest in the Verein "Schneiderei". Our mission is to improve the cultural and social life in Zurich by organizing various events. We want to help people who newly arrive to Zurich from other parts of Switzerland or from other parts of the world to integrate themselves in Zurich and get connected to local people. At the same time, we want to support musicians, DJs, and other artists by providing a performance platform for them.

If you support our mission, you can apply for a club membership by clicking on the "apply for membership" button below. The application requires your full name and email address as well the name of an existing club member (a person who recommended the club to you).

By sending the application form you declare that you will actively contribute to the above objective of the club. The number of members is limited and therefore not everybody can become a member of the club. The steering committee of the club will reserve its right to decline applications and exclude members.

After your application has been approved, you will receive a confirmation mail and you are treated as "provisional member". You can make your membership definite by paying the membership fee at any Schneiderei event. The yearly membership fee is 20 CHF. You can edit your member data or delete your account at any time.